About Us

About MicroLAN

MicroLAN was established in 1997 with a vision to be a leading ICT solutions provider in Africa. Headquarters in in Nairobi, Kenya, we have steadily grown through partnerships with both local and international technology providers to deliver value to our customers whilst honoring our commitment to all stake holders resulting in lasting relationships that are beneficial to all.

To achieve distinct leadership in information, communication and technology in the fields we choose to play in.

We shall continuously nurture human capital and synchronize with other capitals in order to improve our standards of living and our environments.


  • We attract, motivate and retain human resource with self-
    drive and determination in all areas of our business.
  • We are committed to competitive, performance-based compensation, benefits, training and personal growth based on equal career opportunity and meri
  • We expect  staff  integrity,  civility,  openness,  support  for  others  and  commitment  to  the  highest standards of achievement.
  • We value innovation, employee involvement, and dynamism in operation, organization flexibility and personal ambition.
  • We recognize and value the benefits in the diversity of people, ideas, cultures and subject discipline.
  • Continuous training of our staff through workshops, personalized training and regular seminars are offere
  • We invest and strive to be experts in key technologies necessary for our customers’ success.
  • We offer our customers world-class products.
  • We provide quality services to our customers by treating them as partners, understanding their needs, responding well and living up to our commit
  • We are a valued customer to our suppliers. We treat them with fairness; respect and we honour our commitments.
  • We provide quality values in consistence with improving our productivity.
  • We comply with applicable laws, professional ethics and company set code of regulations at all government levels wherever we do business.
  • We contribute to the communities in which we operate and address social issues responsibly.
  • We conserve natural resources and we will continue to invest in a better environment.


In our continued effort to provide the best solutions to our customers, we have made tactical business alliances with other companies in order to bring solutions to the local market cost effectively coupled with a high degree of efficiency.

  • – Flat management structure that enables quick decisions and turnaround times
  • Innovative, flexible and adaptable to customer requirements
  • Multi-vendor and not product centric. Microlan is a multi-vendor service provider that supports a variety of OEMs e.g. Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, APC, Cisco etc.
  • Strong technically team
  • Vibrant, young, multi -disciplined delivery team
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Excellence
  • Team Work
  • Innovation
  • Customer Care.